The Creation

Vitreous Contemporary Art,

21 July – 16 August 2005

2-person with late Kate Fagin (formerly Malone).
Ceramics and photography.

Every human group the world over – from tribes surviving at subsistence level to highly organized civilisations – has used its collective imagination and ingenuity to invent a satisfactory answer to the besetting question: who created the world?

Whether we belong to a society that relies on oral tradition or to one where wisdom is carved into rock or written down on scrolls of parchment or in books; whether we lived thousands of years ago or are alive today; our common humanity has led us all to try to explain the mystery of the creation. In this context, the opening chapters of Genesis may be considered as merely one creation myth among many. But what a story it is!

It is austere and devoid of sensory detail. The narrative conveys a sense of the awe-inspiring majesty and inviolable sovereignty of the God on whom the narrative is sharply focused. He accomplishes all his creative labours in six days and on the seventh rests in regal repose. He blesses and hallows that day as a day of rest for all time. The language is elemental, conveying in its simplicity great force and stark beauty. And the story is forever.

In taking The Creation as their inspiration, the artists have been moved to offer their own response to the story. Their work is neither illustration nor literal interpretation, but rather an attempt to express in semi-abstract form the feeling induced by reading and re-reading those awesome words.

Paintings and drawings are by Kate Fagin (formerly Malone). The drawings are mixed media on paper. The paintings are oils, acrylics or a mixture, on canvas or paper. Ceramic sculpture and photographs are by Anthony Fagin. The ceramics are coiled by hand and fired with volcanic glaze in an oxidizing atmosphere. Limited-edition photographs are of details of the ceramics against details of the paintings produced as digital dye-based inkjet prints.